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Firstly, what is the origin of the name ‘Corpse Corps’? In fact, it seems very interesting. Who’s idea was that?

tatsuki: It was Mr. Y’s first idea. That ‘skeleton’s army corps’ would suit us perfect (laughs)

yairi: That’s the name of the underdogs’ group that appears in the middle of the anime Blood+-

myuuna: Mr.Y, really?

yairi: Really! If you hit them in the eyes they’ll die.

myuuna: I like that anime so I will forgive you (laughs)

Still a lot of fans haven’t got the chance to listen to you, so could you define your music in a simple way?

youka: Cool without showing off.

tatsuki: I draw human emotions with the songs.

yairi: The theme of the songs is to sell the pain bit by bit.

tatsuki: I want to express human emotions.

yairi: I don’t want to make something so dull that can be even expressed in a word.

Which music do you usually listen in your free time?

ИТО: Girls’ Generation T-ara KARA Kyari Pamyu Pamyu Perfume

myuuna: LUNA SEA

tatsukiMomoiro Clover Z

yairi: Apart from Japanese music, I listen from classic music to metal.

youka: LiSA

If you had to say “we were influenced by this Nagoya kei band”, which band would that be?

youka: Merry Go Round

myuuna: Deadman

yairi: ROUAGE, Laputa

tatsuki: Kuroyume

In September tatsuki wrote a blog entry called “members’ introduction” in which he talked about the members of the band. He wrote that youka is “the older brother”, that myuuna is “surprisingly friendly”and that yairi is “the one who harmonizes the band”. Do you think he described you correctly? Please describe tatsuki as well!

youka: True friend.

tatsuki: Describe me!

All: Burst into laughter. 

He also wrote that “ИТО is spontaneous and sometimes gets irritated”. Do you think he described yourself properly?

ИТО: I’m spontaneous.

yairi: And he’s usually irritated.

ИТО: Hard to get along with.

youka: A fake spontaneous.

myuuna: I think so!

This is a topic change. Tatsuki bought a dog recently. Why did you choose him? Why you named him ‘Pau’? Was it love at first sight?

tatsuki: Because he’s white like powder snow. He stared at me like saying ‘I want to become your son.’

Even Youka has a dog, right? Do you like animals?

youka: I like dogs, pandas and frogs.

The rest of the band also has pets? If not, you would like to have one?

myuuna: I want a black cat.

yairi: A golden retriever and tropical fishes.

ИТО: No comments for different reasons.

This month you will distribute freely your 1st single in your concert in Nagoya. Why did you choose this song?

youka: I wonder why.

myuuna: Mr. Vo, tell what feelings has the world of the lyrics of ‘Lies as 『 』‘.

tatsuki: What I wrote is that even if we are deceived by lies, we want to have much more strenght to keep living. Even if we are betrayed, our future will be bright.

Thank you so much for the interview! Finally, please send a message to all the oversea readers! Please also tell what are your next activities.

youka: I am crazy & I love you (in English.)

tatsuki: I want to play overseas one day and go there on holidays so I’m gonna work hard.

ИТО: I’m ИТО Please call me ИТО.

yairi: I will do my best to be able to work abroad (in English.)

myuuna: Next day 23rd tatsuki and me are gonna celebrate our birthday event in NAGOYA. On day 23rd is my birthday so there will be a drum solo by ИТО!

tatsuki: There won’t be a drum solo at all (laughs)

All: Burst into laughter.

The year 2014 has just started. Do you have any wish for this new year?

ИТО: It would be nice If I could feel longer the pass of the time.

youka: I hope everyone can smile.

yairi: I will continue approaching the multilateral. Thank you (in English.)

myuuna: We haven’t got through the prologue yet so we still want to use many tools and keep working steadily (lit. ‘aggressively’) in order to be known for many more people. There are still a lot of overseas people that doesn’t know about us so I would like that this year they could start to know about us little by little.


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