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HOLLOWGRAM: Introduction & 1st Release

HOLLOWGRAM is a new rock band formed this year. 

The band will officially start their activities next month, the 17th of January at Shibuya WWW.

In that concert they will release their 1st mini album, ‘Qualia’, that for the moment will only be available at live venues. Yesterday, they updated the previews their new tracks so that’s what we want to show you!

The track list is:

1 – ideologue
2 – Pleasance Liddell
3 – シルエット
4 – Butterfly in her dreams
5 – Stand the devil’s like
6 – Don’t cry for the knell
7 – mistletoe

The album will cost 2500 yen.

Their unique style and music view has captivated a lot of fans of their previews bands, so they actually count with a notable reputation in the visual kei scene. By the way, don’t forget that next Saturday Yuki will be in ‘LIVE LIFE!!‘ interviewing 夢時!! 

The members of the band are:

ryo – vocals (also in TAG, KEEL)

攸紀 (yuki) – bass (also in StrangerSaid. , DIMMDIVISION.)

夢時 (yumeji) – guitar (also in -eS-, Angels)

shinya – drums

一也 (kazuya) – guitar, keyboard, manipulation

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