Corpse Corps: Members’ introduction by tatsuki

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Members’ introduction by tatsuki

“We’re Corpse Corps that started on day 27th (September.)
I will make you a simple introduction to know us better.

First, let’s start with me.
You can read it as “tatsuki”.
I’m in charge of the songs and screamings.

You can read it as “youka”.
He’s a skillful man that can play 7 strings guitars.
He’s like the big brother in the band.

You will know how to read this (laughs).
He’s a skillful man that can play 6 strings guitars.
He has green hair. He’s surprisingly a friendly person.

You can read it as “yairi”.
He’s the bassist and the person in charge of harmonizing.
He does the design and we put him in trouble (but he doesn’t care).

You can read it as “ito”.
He’s in charge of the drums.
He’s natural and sometimes gets irritated but lately I’m getting used to it.

I would like to see a lot of sceneries together with my full-of-personality fellows.
Even though this was an easy introduction, please from now on confirm this by yourselves!”



Note: myuuna. He writes all the band members’ names
in kana for the fans to know how to pronounce them but this one is already in katakana.